Scientific Publications

Publications in Scientific Journals

Considering regional challenges when prioritizing tourism policy interventions: evidence from a Mediterranean community of projects, Spyros Niavis, Theodora Papatheochari, Tonia Koutsopoulou, Harry Coccossis, Yannis Psycharis. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2021, 1-22

Responsibility in Tourism Management: a Mediterranean perspective, Theodora Papatheochari, Spyros Niavis, Antonia Koutsopoulou, Harry Coccossis, Journal of Tourism Research, Vol. 26, 2021, 259-267

Special Section: Reconsidering tourism development in the Mediterranean. Reflections by the INTERREG MED Sustainable Tourism Community, Prepared by Spyros Niavis and Dora Papatheochari for the Sustainable Tourism Community, Tourism: An International Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 68 No. 4, 2020

Community’s contributions to the Special Section:

Conceptualising Tourism Sustainability and Operationalising Its Assessment: Evidence from a Mediterranean Community of Projects, Spyros Niavis, Theodora Papatheochari, Yannis Psycharis, Josep Rodriguez, Xavier Font, Anna Martinez Codina, Sustainability Vol.11, No. 15 2019

Boosting Rural Areas Revitalization in the Mediterranean through Cross-cutting Approach Based on Ecological and Social Resilience, Echave, C., A. Palladus, M. Boy-Roura, M. Cacciutolo, S. Niavis, A. Boulanger, T. H. Papatheochari, D. Ceh, S. Ponsa, B. Massabo, Resourceedings 2, 2019

Presentations in Scientific Conferences

The response of a Territorial Cooperation Programme to COVID-19. Operational and Strategic Challenges with emphasis on Sustainable Tourism, Theodora Papatheochari, Spyros Niavis, Antonia Koutsopoulou, Harry Coccossis, 60th ERSA Congress Territorial Futures – Visions and scenarios for a resilient Europe, S05-S1 Sustainable Regional Tourism Strategies in Pandemic Contexts, 24 – 27 August 2021

Challenges and Gaps towards Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism in the Mediterranean, Theodora Papatheochari, Spyros Niavis, Yannis Psycharis, 4th Colloquium of the ASRDLF and15th conference of the ERSA Greek section, Panteion University Athens, Greece, 5–7 July 2017