Webinars on Sustainable Tourism and COVID19 #1st edition

The Sustainable Tourism Community is deeply committed in contributing to the recovery of the tourism sector in a sustainable and resilient way, as well as in calling for the greatest support to tourism as one of the strategic assets for the Euro-Mediterranean coastal region. Assessing the urgency of the work for including sustainability as a key approach to develop recovery plans, we gathered some of the most interesting webinars on this topic.

Webinars in English

_ Minimising the hidden costs of tourism in Mediterranean Islands. Waste prevention actions and circular economy perspectives. By Blueislands. (29/04/2020) Available here.

_ From Overtourism to a COVID-19 Immobile World. By the Journal of SustainableTourism (24/04/2020). Registration here.

_ Forward Live. Interesting series of webinars at International level. Available here.

_ The Future of Tourism Destinations & DMOs (15/04/2020). Available here.

_ QUO VADIS TOURISM - UNWTO Webinar: The impact of COVID-19 on Tourism. Trying to make sense of so much or so little data. European insights (27/04/2020). Available here.

_ UNWTO Academy. Webinar: Smart and Agile Tourism in Real Time. Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University (21/04/2020). Available here.

_ Travel &Tourism in the aftermath. EuropeanCitiesMarketing (22/04/2020). Accessible here.

_ European Travel Association (ETOA). Series of webinars available here. To highlight: in Spanish, Crisis. Charlamos con el mercado español: preocupacions más inmediatas (08/04/2020) available here /  In Italian, Crisi COVID-19: discussione informale con il mercato italiano (28/04/2020) available here / In French, Réunion impromptue d’ETOA – la crise COVID 19 (17/04/2020) available here.

_ European Travel Commission. Series of webinars available here. To highlight: Webinar European tourism: Trends and prospects Q1/2020. Special feature on “The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the European tourism sector” (23/04/2020). Available here.

Webinars in Spanish

_ HOSTELTUR webinars on “Tourism after the coronavirus crisis”.

Past webinars of Hosteltur:

_ Spanish major destinations: Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia (08/04/2020). Available here.

_ Spanish destinations, cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia (17/04/2020). Available here.

_ Spanish destinations, coast and islands: Benidorm, Mallorca and Gran Canaria (15/04/2020). Available here.

_ Spanish destinations, inland: Castilla y León, Galicia and Extremadura (21/04/2020). Available here.

Upcoming webinars of Hosteltur:

_ Spanish destinations, families: Costa del Sol, Costa Daurada and Tenerife (24/04/2020). Available here.

_ Travindy España. Serie de webinars sobre turismo responsable: La respuesta del turismoante la crisis de la Covid-19 (26/03/2020) available here / Propuestas para echar una mano desde un turismo responsable (03/04/2020) available here / La respuesta de las agencias de viaje y tour operadores en tiempos de transición (16/04/2020) available here.

_ Europarc. Creando alianzas en territorio Natura 2000 con la Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible (28/04/2020). Available here.

_ Webinar: Objetivo: Turismo Interno, ¿Cómo abordarlo en tiempos de COVID19? (29/04/2020). Available here.

_ Ciclosfera Webinar “Covid-19 y Cicloturismo: Plan de choque“ (17/04/2020). Available here.

Webinars in Catalan

_ Diputació de Barcelona. Els efectes de la Covid-19 al sector turístic. Reptes i reflexions (27/04/2020). Available here.

_ Cluster TIC Turisme Catalunya. Estratègies traveltech davant la crisi de la Covid- 19 (24/04/2020). Available here.