Collection of sustainable tourism certifications in the Mediterranean: the web platform created by the project LABELSCAPE

Tourism sustainability certification is one of the effective instruments which addresses the principle of economic, environmental, and social equilibrium in the tourism industry and shows destination’s commitment to follow the principles of sustainable development.


In order to support tourism destinations in obtaining the sustainable certification, project LABELSCAPE created a web platform with Collection of sustainable tourism certifications in the Mediterranean, available at this link:

In collection you can find certification and labels which:

  • certify destinations, parks and/or beaches,
  • follow UN Sustainable Development Goals and GSTC criteria,
  • are viable and
  • have transparent evaluation procedure.

You can also visit the Forum for exchanging the experiences, where you can participate in the discussion about:

  • how to choose certification,
  • certification process,
  • certification experiences,
  • promotion of certification.

Forum is available at

More information about the LABELSCAPE project and its partners are available at