Blue Tourism: The green transition towards Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism in the Mediterranean region in a post-covid world

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The Sustainable Tourism Community is present at a side-event of the 22nd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, also known as COP22, that takes place in Antalya, Turkey.

Follow the live streaming 07/12/2021 at 16:15 here and here

In the Mediterranean region, coastal and maritime tourism has been a major source of social and economic development in the past decades but has also greatly contributed to environmental resources depletion and marine, air or land pollution. The pandemic has severely disrupted this sector, creating dramatic loss of incomes and jobs in the region, but this crisis also offers the opportunity to reinvent new destinations, management and governance models towards more sustainable coastal and maritime tourism.

This side-event will present different regional and national initiatives, policies and practices3 promoting sound governance, environmental planning and multi-stakeholders management of coastal and maritime activities and destinations around the Mediterranean. A diverse set of actors from the policy, business, academia and civil society will be invited to discuss the challenges, barriers and opportunities that could accelerate the socio-ecological transition of coastal and maritime tourism in a post-covid, climate-resilient and biodiversity-protected world.

The conference is co-organised by Plan Bleu UNEP MAP (the Regional Activity Centre of Mediterranean Action Plan), IUCN Med and Eco-Union.


Jérémie Fosse, eco-union

Maher Mahjoub, IUCN-Med

Gloria Lazaro,Plan Bleu 

Anne-France Didier , French Ministry of the Sea