The InCircle final event will take place in Barcelona on June 7th, 2022 from 9:30 to 6 pm. It will address the tools, finance and opportunities for a more circular and sustainable tourism.

The Interreg-Med InCircle Project aims to enhance the sustainability and attractiveness of MED touristic insular and low-density areas through circular tourism, preserving the quality of natural resources and improving the quality of life of residents and tourists. It is organizing its final event on June 7th, 2022 at the Hotel Alimara in Barcelona.

The InCircle final event is aimed at connecting territories willing to increase the circularity of their tourism offer. It connects experts on sustainable tourism and relevant organisations and technicians. It is an opportunity for the participants to discover the tools that InCircle developed, as well as the good practices and hands-on knowledge acquired by all 11 participating destinations. In fact, the project has implemented 5 big-scale and 6 small pilot actions that have brought to each territory tangible good-practices to walk towards a common objective of increasing circularity and sustainability of touristic activities.

The morning session will be dedicated to an assessment of the current status of Mediterranean Tourism and the use of the InCircle tools to that aim. The afternoon session will consist of an interactive working group session that will bring together territories with technicians and experts on sustainable tourism. They will work together in the “ProCIRCLE laboratory” to design new solutions, good practices and projects for a circular Mediterranean tourism.

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