The Sustainable Tourism Community participated in the “Greener Holidays” workshop in the framework of the European Tourism Convention, organised by the EU Commission DG GROW on 12th October 2020.

Following nine consecutive years of growth, the EU tourism ecosystem is amongst the hardest hit by the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting Europe since early 2020.

The European Tourism Convention launched a dialogue on sustainable recovery and the strategic orientations for the tourism of tomorrow, to guide future work and cooperation on tourism towards a European Agenda for Tourism 2050.

The workshops mapped key issues, generated a discussion about the challenges and opportunities of the EU tourism ecosystem linked with the following three topics:

· Safe and Seamless Tourism Experience

· Greener Holidays

· Tourism Powered by Data

On 12th October 2020, the Sustainable Tourism Community participated in the closed-doors workshop "Greener Holidays" on sustainability challenges for tourism, in line with the European Green Deal, the European Climate Pact, the European industrial strategy, Circular economy action plan, Sustainable and smart mobility strategy and, ultimately, the EU Recovery Plan, serving as road map towards green transition.

Workshop participants developed and agreed on ten action points for the sustainable, innovative, and resilient recovery and transformation of European tourism, which were presented and discussed at the plenary session of the Convention.

DIBA - Barcelona Provincial Council highlighted the contribution of the 22 Interreg MED Programme cooperation projects of the Sustainable Tourism Community to make holidays greener.

Most notably, the Community's members are leading the development of innovative tools and strategies to:

· Monitor the impact of tourism on local communities and on the environment;

· Develop innovative models for tourism development;

· Improve the sustainability of existing tourist infrastructures;

· Support the access to the market of sustainable tourism products;

· Strengthen the planning and managing practices at Mediterranean regional level.

The final aim of the Sustainable Tourism Community participation in the European Tourism Convention was to strengthen the common understanding of the challenges for greener holidays, and how to address them with multi-stakeholder partnerships, cross-sector collaborations, public-private alliances, and consumer engagement initiatives for coordinated and joint efforts.

The workshop was moderated by prof. Xavier Font (professor of sustainability marketing at the School of Hospitality and Tourism, University of Surrey UK) and it was featured by the intervention of Mr Istvan Ujhelyi (Member of the European Parliament and vice-chair of Tourism Task Force in the Committee of Transport and Tourism). Mrs Marie Audren, director-general at HOTREC, acted as rapporteur. 

For the detailed Agenda click here.

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