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The Interreg MED Programme initiative MED Sustainable Tourism Community has been renewed. New projects are joining the Community which will be active till June 2022.

(Rome, 14 January 2020) The Interreg MED Initiative on Sustainable Tourism has been renewed till June 2022. Aimed at capitalizing innovative instruments and actions towards the enhancement of tourism sustainability in the Mediterranean, the Sustainable Tourism Community has been active for more than three years.

Since November 2016, 17 territorial cooperation projects, with more than 200 partner organisations active in 12 Euro-Mediterranean countries have joined the Community. Five new territorial cooperation projects and two strategic projects focusing on governance of tourism will enrich the Community with new results, knowledge and experiences to make tourism a real driver for inclusive and sustainable development.

For the past years, the Sustainable Tourism has been sharing the experiences and results of its modular projects on the Community website. Numerous news on what the Community has been doing since its beginnings and interesting news about reports and events on sustainable tourism have been published. They are accompanied by several scientific publications based on the results of the Community published in international academic journals. It has notably published a manifesto on tourism as a driver for inclusive and sustainable development entitled the Athens Declaration for sustainable tourism.

Besides, the Community has been working through thematic areas and issued thematic papers analyzing the main features of the Community, thematic reviews collecting news and events on the topics of the Community’s working groups and thematic factsheets introducing how the Community is tackling sustainable tourism strategic issues.

Finally, policy factsheets have been produced by the Community’s working groups and policy recommendations summarising how policies should change to support sustainable tourism development have been issued.

The MED Sustainable Tourism community is coordinated by DIBA - Barcelona Provincial Council (Barcelona, Spain), in partnership with UNIMED - Mediterranean Universities Union (Rome, Italy), University of Thessaly (Thessaly, Greece), NECSTour - Network of European Regions or Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (Brussels, Belgium), Arco Latino, a network of local public authorities (Tarragona, Spain), Plan Bleu UNEP MAP, the Regional Activity Centre of Mediterranean Action Plan (Marseille, France), Adriatic and Ionian Euroregion (Pula, Croatia) and RDA Green Karst Regional Development Agency (Pivka, Slovenia).

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