Transnational EuroVelo8 Mediterranean Route website: launch of the new, modern, user-friendly and interactive platform for cycle tourism

In the framework of the MEDCYCLETOUR project of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community, a brand new transnational EuroVelo8 - Mediterranean Route website has been launched. Improvements made the website more attractive and interactive. Discover it without further delay and take the path of a more sustainable tourism!


(Rome, 27 June 2019) “Modern”, “attractive”, “user friendly” and “interactive”, these are only few words to describe the new and refreshed transnational EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route website. Major improvements have been done on this interface proving long-distance itineraries along a Mediterranean cycle route connecting Spain to Cyprus. The interface features interactive maps of thousands of cycling routes kilometers, and is now more modern, interactive and user-friendly. The launch of this new website has just been announced during the Velo-city 2019 Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Combined with the newly simultaneously launched app, links to specific national and regional website, interactive maps and experience sharings are now available for users cycling along this route. The application offers them “the possibility to ‘check in’ to those points of interest that are linked to the theme of the route and share with their friends and family how much of EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route they have completed”. The website also provides indications on side visits along the routes, as well as some guidebooks and promotional booklets.

The launch of this new website has been made possible within the framework of the MEDCYCLETOUR project of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community, which aims at using this EuroVelo8 Mediterranean cycling route “as a tool to influence regional and national policies in favour of sustainable and responsible tourism, providing transnational solutions in coastal areas across the Mediterranean”.

You can access the newly launched website here.

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