Tourism4SDGs platform: the learning, sharing and acting platform for tourism sector to boost sustainable growth

In 2015, world leaders have agreed on 17 goals to promote sustainable global development, launching the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. Since then, the tourism sector started to have a new role and the UNWTO has promoted a new platform to bring all the actors together and showcase their contribution to the achievement of the SDGs. The platform called Tourism4SDGs serves as a virtual archive to share knowledge, initiatives, tools and create cooperations, as well as to take action.



(Rome, 28 May 2019) Tourism can provide a huge, direct and indirect, support to growth. For this reason, the international community raised the reflection on the need for a sustainable touristic activity, able to be inclusive and respect local communities.

Following such invitation of the international community, the United Nations World Tourism Organization -UNWTO, has created a platform to provide a virtual space for any actor, public or private, individual or CSOs, government and other authorities, of the tourism sector, to support in achieving the SDGs: Tourism4SDG

The platform, which is very complete, is based on 4 sections named respectively: learn, share, act, follow. In each of them it provides respectively for:

_/ access to information about sustainable tourism from experts, professionals and travelers from all over the world;

_/ a space for sharing events, initiatives, research, policy papers, company CSRs, education & training and stories

_/ inviting to see what each actor could be doing directly to contribute to the SDGs' achievement

_/ inviting to keep following the updates

The idea beyond the platform is that any actor could use it to show what they have been doing for the SDGs. For this purpose, the projects of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community could bring the attention back to the initiatives they have been promoting, on the researches that they are realising or the pilot actions they have been implementing, to showcase them.

Learn more on the platform and how the projects could benefit from it here

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