Thematic Review #2: Reducing the multiple impacts of Tourism

The second thematic review of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community is now available! Learn more on how to reduce the environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region.

The “seasonal, mass tourism model” is deeply impacting the Mediterranean destinations and their inhabitants. However, this kind of tourism has reached its limits in the Mediterranean region, impacting both the natural environment and the local population. Indeed, tourist flows in the Mediterranean region are usually following a “sea-sand-sun” seasonal pattern, creating multiple pressures on tourism destinations in an unsustainable way, degrading the natural and cultural heritages of the region.

The current aim of the tourism sector is consequently to reduce the environmental, cultural, and social impacts of this kind of tourism in the Mediterranean region. Measures to safeguard and manage the local biodiversity, marine litter management, fight against plastics are only but some of the actions taken towards fulfilling this aim.

An integrated approach, taking account of these different elements, and many others, to fight the negative impacts that tourism can have on the ecosystems and the socio-economic context of the destinations could only but bring valuable benefits to the global fight for a more sustainable tourism. Cooperation between different tourism stakeholders is also of great importance to reach this aim, to fight such negative impacts such as marine litter and plastics in maritime and coastal areas.

You can access the full thematic review here.