Sustainable Tourism Community contribution to the future of the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean (UfM consultation)

The Sustainable Tourism Community, led by Arco Latino, has participated in the elaboration of recommendations for the tourism sector following the consultation organized by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).

"The COVID-19 pandemic requires a synchronized and coordinated approach to finding common responses, in order to ensure resilience and minimize socio-economic impacts on the region" notes Isidro González, UfM Deputy Secretary General for Water and the Environment. In line with this approach, an online consultation on the future of the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean region has been organized by the UfM. Thanks to this consultation, experts and international organisations’ representatives shared their recommendations in areas such as tourism, marine litter, renewable energies… "The tourism sector is one of the most affected by COVID-19, and during the consultation, the issue of new standards of social distancing was raised. More than ever, the UfM countries will have to position the Mediterranean as a truly “green” tourist destination, in order to continue to enable sustainable growth in the sector" highlights this consultation.

The consultation was structured around priority themes identified with the UfM Member States, ranging from maritime governance, sustainable food, tourism, maritime transport to adaptation to climate change, blue skills development and employment. Around 100 entities, including the Sustainable Tourism Community, research centres and universities, public administrations, private sector, international organisations and non-governmental organisations - submitted over 350 substantial feedbacks entries. The Sustainable Tourism Community contributed to the third thematic on sustainable tourism. Its contribution is available at page 79  here together with the totality of the results. In sum, as has been provided by Arco Latino: "We, the Sustainable Tourism community of the Mediterranean (funded by the INTERREG MED ERDF programme) believe that the next UFM position on blue economy should put at the front the quick recovery of the tourism sector, wich should start with a stronger support to the sustainable tourism - the concept of sustainability applying to economic, environmental and social aspects."

Read the full article on UfM website here.