MedaWeek Barcelona 2018: working on synergies and exploring solutions for a sustainable Mediterranean

Many changes - as great social, political and economic shifts, and the commercial regional uncertainty- define the daily reality of the Mediterranean. From the 21st to 23rd November 2018 the MedaWeek - Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders that took place in Barcelona, has been the occasion to explore challenges and propose solutions to overcome the problems challenging the Med basin.

(Rome, 16 January 2019) Assuming that the Mediterranean region needs to work to boost competitiveness while seizing its regional diversity, many different actors and stakeholders took part into the MedaWeek - Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders. Under this umbrella event, representatives of the BleuTourMed project featuring the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism Community - were invited by the InnoBlueGrowth project (the horizontal project of the Blue Growth thematic Community featured by the Interreg MED Programme) - and took part in the mid-term conference of their commununty: "Blue Economy: The Blue Way of Life".

The BleuTourMed Project featured some of the several results of the projects of the community that are working on the issue of alleviating pressures caused by tourism, and in particular by the sea and sun model which is threatening the socio-economic-environmental equilibrium of the local communities and environments in the med coastal areas. The project participated in the panel: “Technological solutions for mitigating pressures on the surrounding environment”, a session on awareness raising, technological solutions to mitigate environmental pressures and the role of younger generations in the sustainable development of blue economy moderated by Professor Ioannis Chatjigeorgiou | NTUA – School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Athens, Greece while contributed together with the project BLUEMED in the two other debates on “Sustainable tourism models for alleviating pressures on maritime and coastal areas” and “Smart environmental & energy management of ports, the PERFECT project” moderated by CRES.

With this opportunity the MED Sustainable Tourism Community could show innovative solutions for new models of tourism, according to what emerged by the modular projects, and also to show how the entire community its cooperative work in drafting policy messages and to open dialogue with key policy makers, such as DG MARE- the European Commission Directorate General for Maritime Affairs, that was present in the event and showed great interest in following our activities.

In its 12th edition the MedaWeek Barcelona 2018 has been the occasion to tackle these changes and explore the cross-border cooperation. It has been an event hosting 1,500 international attendees, with thematic and sectoral workshops and fora, working towards innovative solutions. BleuTourMed sat among fifty experts and actors of Blue Growth in the Mediterranean, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the blue economy, innovation and sustainability models of governance and regional cooperation.

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