CPMR IMC fully supports the ‘Athens Declaration on Sustainable Tourism’

« The CPMR IMC fully supports the ‘Athens Declaration on Sustainable Tourism’ as it is an incentive to jointly address tourism pressures, enhancing attractiveness and tourism offer in the Mediterranean region as well as strengthening planning and management practices towards sustainable tourism. Indeed it is helping to build a strong and wide community of projects and multilevel stakeholders where the Regions have a key role to play. »


Davide Strangis, Executive Secretary of the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission


The Med Sustainable Tourism Community, currently made up of 17 Interreg Med funded projects, drafted the “Athens Declaration for a Sustainable Tourism”* in October 2017, calling for a change in policy and management at local, national and European level. This Declaration has been fully supported by the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission in its political agenda of the Mediterranean regions, which aims to promote sustainable tourism at Euro-Mediterranean level. In its agenda, the Intermediterranean Commission also pledged to develop and support the activities of the Med Sustainable Tourism Community, for a truly sustainable tourism supported by all those involved.

The goals of the community are to contribute to address tourism pressures, enhance attractiveness and tourism offer, strengthen planning and management practices towards sustainable tourism and build a strong community of projects and stakeholders. The tourism sector is one of the most precious resources of the Mediterranean region. Local development, as well as job creation, can be enhanced through the infrastructure created for tourism purposes. However, due to mass tourism, it is now more important than ever that it be sustainable, in order to protect and preserve the environment, the heritage and the residents and ensure that tourists have an enjoyable journey.

*the signatory projects are the ones approved by the Interreg Med Programme until January 2017.

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