Second event of the Sustainable Tourism Community in Marseille on 20 and 21 November 2018, in Marseille. The projects of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism Community, will evaluate the partial results of their activity. The event, called a capitalisation workshop, will connect the research and testing projects with the political and policy making level, translating projects outcomes into policy advices for the stakeholders

(Rome, 31 OCT 18) The BleuTourMed project which is coordinating the joint actions of the Sustainable Tourism Community, is organizing the first workshop to capitalise on evidence-based data and knowledge produced by the modular projects. After the research and testing phase realised by the projects, the capitalisation activity is the next step to exploit on a wider scale the results obtained. At this stage, the community is able to profit from the fruits of its work in order to streamline them and convert them into policies’ contents.

The capitalisation activity already goes along with the activity of the modular projects, that monitor constantly tourism pressures, design and test innovative management, plan strategies, while bonding these activities to the policy area. However, a joint action is necessary and important, as it will happen for the Sustainable Tourism Community on 21 and 22 November 2018 in Marseille. The workshop aims at harmonizing the lobby and advocacy work of the community, in a more integrated approach, bringing also a transnational perspective. The ultimate output of the capitalisation workshop will be a policy paper, collecting all the recommendations coming from the previous phases.

During the workshop, the members of the STC will think together the best ways to transfer the results delivered by the Modular Projects to specific target groups (e.g European and Mediterranean stakeholders) in order to mainstream projects’ results into tourism policies, and create policy messages.

BleuTourMed has identified four main issues to guide the event and leading the working groups:

• Monitoring the sustainability of tourism: what are the knowledge gaps of policy-making processes? How to bridge the data gaps on tourism?

• How to reduce the environmental-cultural- social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region?

• How can the tourism sector ensure a sustainable and responsible economic growth and prosperity in the Mediterranean region?

• How to address the complexity of the tourism sector, including local actors, decision-makers and consumers? Governance mechanisms to guide a wide variety of stakeholders towards a more sustainable and responsible tourism.

Supported by facilitators, each working group, composed by modular projects representatives, capitalisation experts from the modular projects, external experts, and policy-makers, will produce a policy fact sheet that will be a key tool for an integrated lobby and advocacy activity addressed to the different Euro-Mediterranean policy-makers. The four working groups will analyse some key challenges of sustainable tourism, working in parallel sessions with two workshops of 3 hours each. The first one will focus on identifying the targets and main problematic and the second will try to define the key messages and recommendations for the policy factsheets.

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