“Better ways to move, better places to live”

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community participates to an open workshop organised by the MED Urban Transports Community on mobility management in Mediterranean coastal towns to look for synergies and to develop common actions, organised in the framework of the UNIMED General Assembly.

25th October 2018, 14:30-16:00, at the Ca’ Foscari University, Ca’ Foscari University Main Building, Aula Baratto (Dorsoduro 3246), Venice, Italy.

(Rome, 17 Oct 2018) “Mobility management on islands and tourist destinations can help to preserve the amenities that attract visitors to an area, whether it is an historic city center or a pristine natural environment” states the EPOMM European Platform on Mobility Management - a network of governments in European countries that are engaged in Mobility Management - in its September 2018 e-Update/newsletter.

“The quality of life on many European islands and in peripheral maritime regions depends, to a large extent, upon the provision of maritime transport services — providing a means for passengers to arrive/leave, and for goods to be delivered” continues the EPOMM Newsletter. Therefore “The mobility needs of both, tourists and freight operators, have to be included in the local sustainable mobility policy processes. Respectively, tourism and the transport of goods in general should be an integral part of each Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan” concludes EPOMM.

Aware of these deep inter-connections between tourism and transport in Mediterranean coastal towns, representatives of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community have been invited to the open workshop “Better ways to move, better places to live: Sustainable mobility in Mediterranean coastal areas to work, study and visit” organised by the MED Urban Transports Community at the UNIMED General Assembly on 25th October 2018.

Improving the quality of life of both residents and tourists is a common objective of both Interreg MED-funded MED Sustainable Tourism Community and MED Urban Transports Community. The idea at the core of the open workshop “Better ways to move, better places to live” is to analyse these connections and look together for further and more practical synergies. Boosting a multi-level and multi-stakeholders’ strategy is crucial to promote a change in behaviours, attitudes and rethinking policies is basic. Well rooted into this actual debate, the communities of the Interreg MED Programme will meet in the framework of the workshop, discuss and think together.

The workshop will be the occasion for the representatives of the projects to present the partial results developed from November 2016 up to now. Additionally, it will create a space for reflection and brainstorming on the enhancement of this approach in Mediterranean coastal areas. The representative from the project SIROCCO, from the MED Sustainable Tourism Community will have the possibility to sit at the same table with the projects of the MED Urban Transports Community. In the frame of Interreg MED-funded projects they have designed, developed and tested a series of tools to make the tourism in Mediterranean coastal areas more sustainable in places like touristic towns, ports and university campuses. The workshop will promote also the encounter and discussion with representatives of the wider community of Interreg MED projects, policy makers and scholars from Mediterranean Universities members of UNIMED, to draft an action plan for future steps to be taken.

Welcomed by Mr. Carlos Sanchez Pacheco, from the Malaga City Council and Mr. Ermete Mariani, from UNIMED, the representatives from MED Urban Transports Community (Heloise Chaumier, CODATU & Peter Staelens, Eurocities) will present the partial results and achievements to the plenary session, in the first part of the afternoon. The second part of the afternoon will host a round table moderated by Peter Staelens, from Eurocities. Ms. Francesca Liguori (from ARPA Veneto partner in REMEDIO project), Ms. Ilaria Leonardi (from Fondazione Università Magna Graecia partner in CAMP-sUmp project), Ms. Olga Izquierdo Sotorrio and Ms. Ivana Strkalj (respectively from CEI and the Municipality of Koper, partners in SUMPORT project), Mr. Marjan Dumanic (from RERA S.D. partner in SIROCCO project) and Prof. Rosario Sinatra (from Catania University, UNIMED associate and coordinator of UNIMED SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics) will have a space to think farther.

The mission and ultimate aim of the workshop is thinking together “Better ways to move, better places to live” in Mediterranean coastal areas. The task to wrap-up the ideas and thoughts that the communities wish to listen and share, will be upon the GO SUMP project team.

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