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The MED Sustainable Tourism Community is organising the international conference “Re-connecting tourism: promoting evidence-based policies for sustainable development”. The event is organised by the Bleutourmed_C3 Horizontal project on the 29th-30th May 2018. at the UNINT University in Rome.

The BlueTourMed project, who is coordinating the joint actions of the Community, has therefore decided to organize the first public event to capitalize on this precious knowledge capital. Projects representatives, external experts, and tourism sector stakeholders will present the results of their work, put forward their recommendations and even challenge each other in moderated discussions divided in three main topical panels and an open debate.The entire community of projects will meet for a 2-days activity, including a community building workshop and a the mid term public conference.

The focus of this conference is on promoting evidence-based policies and management strategies because the 18 transregional projects of our Community are actively monitoring tourism pressures, designing and testing innovative management and planning strategies so they can feed the policy-making process with precious knowledge and data.

The conference will try to answer two key questions underlying the whole tourism sector in the Mediterranean and even beyond:1. What do we need to know to design better policies for sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean coastal area?2. How can we manage environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism while keeping this industry growing?

Registration is open until May 20, 2018. Register HERE.