Innovative practices in coastal tourism will be discussed on 13 May 2019 in Palermo, Italy. The event is organized by the Med Lab Group, featured by the Interact Programme. This represents a beautiful opportunity for different projects of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community to gather and meet with southern Europe partners and other Mediterranean programmes.

(Rome, 5 April 2019) “Traditionally, coastal tourism in Europe has been based so far on the so-called 3S model: sea, sand and sun. Over the decades, the need for accommodating growing number of tourists has led to the massive urbanization of portions of the Mediterranean coast, often in a rapid and uncontrolled manner” observed the ResponSEAble Project. The coast is consequently developed in unsustainable ways, fragilizing both the ecosystems and the environment.

The event that will take place on the 13th of May 2019 in Palermo, Italy, is organized by the Med Lab Group, featured by the Interact Programme. It will be dedicated to sustainable practices in coastal tourism, following this assessment, and will be focused on coastal tourism through the prism of innovation and environment. The latter are indeed at the very core of multiple cooperation programmes in the Mediterranean basin, not only through Mediterranean programmes but also in those of the southern part of europe.

This is the case for some projects of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community such as AlterEco, aiming at finding alternative tourist strategies to enhance the local sustainable development of tourism by promoting Mediterranean Identity; CASTWATER, supporting sustainable tourism water management in Med coastal areas; Consume-LESS, aiming to develop integrated sustainable energy, water and waste management strategies and to promote sustainable tourism models in Mediterranean cities; and INHERIT, aiming to conserve and valorise natural heritage in MED coastal and maritime tourist destinations as well as alleviating the adverse effects of overcapacity tourism. This is also the case for the BleuTourMed horizontal project of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community, which ensures the community building, communication and capitalisation of the Community’s projects and activities.

The important economic sector that constitutes coastal tourism will be at the heart of the discussions during this meeting dealing with innovative experiences and the sharing of best practices. It will be an occasion to discuss the challenges and opportunities of coastal tourism, as well as the solutions that are developed throughout the different projects.

The WestMed Initiative will be discussed the day after and a field visit will be organized (tbc).

You can find more information on this event here.

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