On the 27 and 28 March 2019, about ninety participants from the MED Sustainable Tourism Community, met in Split for workshop #2 of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community. Divided into four thematic Working Groups, representatives of the 17 projects of the Community continued the work started in Marseille towards the Convention in Barcelona to be held on June 5-7, 2019.

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community’s projects gathered in Split last March 27-28, 2019 to work together towards the drafting of the policy recommendations and continuing the work started in Marseille, last November 20-21, 2018.T
he session has been opened by Mr. Luka Brčić, Vice President of Split and Dalmatia County, who welcomed the audience and stressed the importance of tourism in Croatia and in the Mediterranean region and strongly encouraged the actions implemented by the MED Sustainable Tourism Community. Then Mr. Francesco Cocco, Secretary General of Adriatic Ionian Region, took the floor to thank the community of projects for their participation and important contribution.
Modular projects representatives, external experts and policy-makers gathered in these working groups to finalise the policy factsheet, drafted during the capitalisation workshop in Marseille, 20-21 November 2018 and reviewed in two webinars. The Working Groups are now fine-tuning the Policy Factsheets, which will be presented at the Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism Convention 2019, 5-7 June, Barcelona. Each Working Group, facilitated by the external expert and the partners of BleuTourMed, has worked to summarise the points arose during this long process in key messages to be addressed to the several targets and policy makers at local, regional, national and international level. In Barcelona, though, the final results of this long process will be shown.