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Tourism sector is amongst the highest income generators in the Mediterranean. Leisure related activities make tourism a leading economic sector in terms of gross value added and employment. Tourism contributes directly to regional economies with sectoral synergies and strong multiplying effects.

Our aim is to study, test and capitalise innovative instruments and actions towards the enhancement of tourism sustainability in the Mediterranean.

With this common objective, 17 Modular Projects (MPs) are implemented under the Interreg Med Sustainable Tourism Community.


BLUEMED project with the support of the Med Sustainable Tourism Community...

24 September 2019, Murcia (Spain) The InterregMed CASTWATER...

On the 5th – 7th of June 2019, the first edition of the Mediterranean...

A research study on “European Tourism – Latest Developments and Future...

But who goes where on holiday?

7 October 2019 in Brussels: towards improved governance and management for...


Our challenge

Let's enjoy the Mediterranean responsibly !

We live in such a beautiful region, the Mediterranean, that plenty of tourists are coming to spend some good time in our coastal and maritime regions. Mass tourism has, however, a deep impact on our landscapes, societies and economies both positive and negative.

Our challenge is to make everybody enjoy the Mediterranean responsibly and respectfully of the environment and local populations.

Our challenge

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Let's enjoy the
Mediterranean responsibly !

Our community