#2 Tourism multiple impacts

How to reduce the environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region?

Today, the “seasonal, mass tourism model” is deeply impacting the Mediterranean destinations and their inhabitants. The territorial imbalance between coastal areas and hinterland can represent an opportunity for the diversification of the tourism offer, which can contribute to the protection of the Mediterranean cultural and natural heritage. On the other hand, reducing social gaps and inequalities generated by mass tourism is also a priority for the Mediterranean region.

This working group will work on the limits of the mass tourism system in the Mediterranean region. Indeed, tourist flows in the Mediterranean region are usually following a “sea-sand-sun” seasonal pattern, creating multiple pressures on tourism destinations, and degrading the natural and cultural heritages of the region.

What exactly makes the current tourism model a threat to the Mediterranean natural and cultural heritages? How to catch stakeholders’ attention on the necessity of changing tourism habits and turning to more sustainable practices?

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