Our Working Groups

To engage the Modular Projects (MPs) into the production process of the Policy Factsheets, the MED Sustainable Tourism Community has launched four thematic Working Groups facilitated by a BleuTourMed partner and an external expert.

The Working Groups are made of MPs representatives and they are open to participation of external experts and policy-makers. Participants are exchanging ideas via periodical virtual meetings and they have met for the first time in Marseille last November for workshop #1.

A second workshop is scheduled for the 27-28 March 2019 in Split, Croatia. This workshop #2 is the final step of the activities of the Working Groups, where they will finalise the Policy Factsheets and Thematic Factsheets that will be presented at the Community’s final conference, 6-7 June 2019 in Barcelona.

Working Group #1: Monitoring tourism sustainability: what are the knowledge gaps of policy-making processes? How to bridge the data gaps on tourism?

Working Group #2: How to reduce the environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region?

Working Group #3: How can the tourism sector ensure a sustainable and responsible economic growth and prosperity in the Mediterranean region?

Working Group #4: How to address the complexity of the tourism sector, including local actors, decision-makers and consumers? Governance mechanisms to guide a wide variety of stakeholders towards a more sustainable and responsible tourism?