Our partnership

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community is featured by BleuTourMed_C3 Project, a three-year Horizontal Project financed by the ERDF within the Interreg MED Programme whose aim is to facilitatethe knowledge sharing and the capitalisation of results of the 17 Modular Projects of this MED Community.

The project is implemented under the collaboration of six partners and is based on three main structural pillars.

Community building (CB)

Led by Panteion University, CB aims at keeping the community active, synthesizing and harmonising the results of the MPs towards Capitalisation. By acknowledging the different approaches of MPs towards Tourism Sustainability, CB’s major task is to organise their outputs and extract their added value for achieving the aims of the 3.1 community. This is achieved by identifying possible common thematic objectives, synergies on methods and tools and common spatial context.

Communication (COM)

Under the leadership of UNIMED and the Permanent Secretariat of Arco Latino, COM will accompany the community building and capitalisation activities with the aim of driving an external flow of information, outputs and results of the community on sustainable tourism to the Med Programme and other horizontal projects, the main EU and Mediterranean target groups as well as the general public.

Capitalisation (CAP)

Under the leadership of PlanBlue, Capitalisation activities aim at transferring results delivered by MPs to a variety of target groups, European and Mediterranean stakeholders, in order to mainstream project results and policy messages. The project will develop two main channels of capitalisation: a) at the MED Programme level, in order to ensure synergies in terms of different axes of the Programme, and b)at EU and Mediterranean level, in order to target specific institutions and stakeholders, creating synergies with other EU programmes and initiatives.


Latin Arc, Spain (Coordinator); Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain; Plan Bleu for the environment and development in the Mediterranean, France; UNIMED - Mediterranean Universities Union, Italy; Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences Research Committee, Greece; Adriatic Ionian Euroregion, Croatia